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There are times when we decide to expand the range and this years first addition is the Lorenzo leather trunk.

Metal Trunk

First and foremost, a trunk is meant to safely transport your precious belongings. The craftsman must therefore ensure durability and precision in every aspect of the trunk’s construction, from the metal structure, coating, slats and corners that contribute to shock absorption.

lorenzo leather trunk front
lorenzo leather trunk front

We wanted to keep the design relatively simple and elegant so chose a soft leather to clad the metal trunk and supple oil pull up leather for the trims. This not only protects those valuable possessions but is also beautiful to hold.

lorenzo leather trunk inside view
lorenzo leather trunk inside view

For the trunk’s inner frame, Fine Lines predominantly chooses special wood, known for their supple, light and resistant properties. The craftsman covers the wood with cotton drill fabric and leather, but not before signing the trunk with a Fine Lines hot stamp.

Lorenzo Leather trunk Closeup
Lorenzo Leather trunk Closeup

While machines are used for the more mundane tasks, the steps that require creativity are all handled by the craftsmen. The trunk is secured with metal locks and additional straps with metal studs for easy opening and closing.

lorenzo leather trunk details
lorenzo leather trunk details

Age-old techniques and tools are still used to this day. Here, a craftsman ensures the finishing is perfect with a device that smooths the leather without damaging it. The whole process from start to finish can take up to 4-5 weeks due to the amount of care and effort put into it.

5 Aspects That Define The Best Quality Leather Bags

Bags are an important part of our modern lifestyle, as they help us to carry different things easily. Not only for the purpose of travelling, but the bags also serve a style statement for women’s fashion outfit. Without any doubt, leather bags never go off style and they remain in fashion forever. Leather bags are not only meant for wallets or purses but it is even used for other purposes. When you go for bags that are made from highly durable materials, you do feel satisfied at the end of your shopping session.

There are vast differences between the mass produced bags and the one hand crafted. Being a customer, we obviously fail to recognise the differences between the two. Although leather bags India is quite popular in its style and quality aspects, being an Indian, many of us don’t know how to select the right piece at a reasonable price. Here are few qualities that you should check before buying so called quality leather bags.

  • Durability: Remember one thing, good quality leather is naturally durable no matter whether it is treated or not. It perfectly withstands strong climatic conditions and wear and tear. With the passage of time, pseudo leathers have also made their way into the market. But, they aren’t as good as the leather ones. After using them for a couple of months, you will certainly notice the differences. A true leather bag lover is always aware of the quality.
  • Type of leather: There are different types of leather available, and accordingly the quality factor differs. Good quality leather bags especially the full grain one remains new even after years of usage. It is better to avoid bags that are made up of bonded leather. The reason behind is that these bags are made up of scrap materials of leather that are treated with plastics and chemicals to provide a natural shine.
  • Colour factor: Leather bags basically come in four different colours that are used in different work environments. For an example: black and dark brown leather bags are suitable for professional environments that mark the sense of authority. For a more casual or relaxed tone, tan and light brown colours can be preferred. One should particularly avoid double toned colour or the bags stitched with different coloured threads.
  • Unique and elegant: Leather is not a textile material rather it is the choice and desire of the owner. Bags of other material do not develop a unique character with the passage of time. However, good quality leather always retains its character even after many years of its use. Such bags not only complement your style statement but you even feel pride in possessing it.
  • Tanning process: The differences in the quality of the leather bags even depend on the process of tanning. Chrome tanned leather uses chromium which can be produced within a couple of days and accordingly they are cheap enough. Vegetable tanned leather on the other hand, employs eco friendly techniques and are comparatively high in price.

So, those are some of the points that one must keep in mind. Price is not the sole indicator of the quality of the leather bags India; there are various other prospects as well that determine its features. Although the price of the leather bags is pretty higher than any other material, it is essential to know whether you are spending your money on the right product or not. Don’t pay just because it is branded. When you are paying a big amount for a premium product, make sure you get the same quality as you wished. Grades of leather quality differ and accordingly there is a change in the price. So, choose carefully.

Hailey Leather Handbag.

Common Mistakes You Are Making with your Leather Bag

If you are a woman, you already know what a huge investment a leather bag can be. You have to care for it properly to ensure that it lasts you well. However, sometimes no matter what we do, we always end up making the mistakes that can cost us dearly. Do you know what is worse? You don’t even realize that you are making these mistakes!

In this article, we will tell you about some common mistakes you might be making with your leather bags and how to avoid them.

Storing All Your Bags Together

It may not be a surprise to see that you have multiple bags and you store them in one cabinet. However, putting all your bags together, including leather, can be bad for it. While your efforts are certainly lauded, you may not be doing justice to your leather bag that may be suffering at the hands of unbreathable plastic and other other synthetic materials all stowed together in a cold, dark place. You know how expensive it can be to buy leather ladies handbags in India. Therefore, it is important that you store yours in an organic bag in a dry place, away from other synthetic bags.

Hanging Them by a Screw

Did you know that hanging your leather handbag with a hook is the worst thing you can do to it? It gets pulled down by its own weight and soon starts to loose its integrity. To avoid the stretchy, misshaped look of your leather bag, it is advisable to store it in a cupboard with enough room for it.

Displaying them in the Open

We all have a collection of beautiful leather bags that we treasure. However, displaying them as trophies is actually doing them disservice. You are not only allowing dirt and dust to settle on it but also letting the expensive leather absorb all the grime. If you don’t stop doing that immediately, you may end up causing significant damage to your expensive bag.

Keeping your Bag Stuffed with Things

Every time you come back from work, do you really even think about removing all the contents from your bag and emptying your purse? Think of that liquid lipstick that fell inside the other day or the biscuit crumbs that have been collecting for days. This is not only unhygienic but also bad for your pricey leather bag to endure this treatment. While it may not be practical to empty the contents of your bag each night, be sure to do it at least twice or thrice a week so that you can keep the insides clean.

It is surprising to see that even though we pay such a heavy price for authentic leather, we do so little to preserve its look and grace. Now you know the mistakes you have been making that is costing your bag dearly. Avoid making these mistakes and make your leather bag last for years.

Why Alfredo Workbag By Fine Lines Is So Special?

Alfredo Workbag by Fine Lines is made of high quality and 100% genuine cow leather which features a natural variation of color and scratches. The leather used to make Alfredo Workbag is called Oil Pull Up which is one of the unique and durable leather.

Oil Pull Up leather will lighten it’s color when bend or scratch. Just like our skin our Alfredo Workbag  is meant to age and gain natural patina which means Alfredo Workbag  will change it’s color, marks, scratches and Fine Lines through time and daily use.

fine lines oil pull up leather

This is the beauty of Alfredo Workbag, it grows different characters by different users with age.


Best Leather Messenger Bags From Fine lines

Simplify trips to the office with our favourite leather messenger bags. Crafted of our very best full grain leather. Fine Lines leather messenger bags carry an executive class while keeping you on task and on point.

They are cleverly designed, skillfully constructed and beautifully finished. The quality leather will improve and patina with time. The leather messenger bag will only look better with course of time.

Leandro Workbag By Fine Lines

Alberto Messenger Bag By Fine Lines

fine lines leather

Our Leather

Fine Lines bags are made of best quality genuine leather. We have located the very best leather in the entire world, crafted by generations trained leather artisans. Our each and every leather bag is handmade by our artisans and their work is their love, made visible.

There are 5 distinct qualities of well-made leather bags and accessories:


Leather isn’t a textile and not meant for mass production. Genuine leather products are desirable and worth the investment when they’re unique. When color and texture evolve with use and time, a unique leather product becomes even more meaningful to its owner. Mass-produced, generic items won’t hold or develop character with time and can be easily disposed of or replaced.


Leather is naturally durable, treated or not. It withstands prolonged use and harsh climates – for the owners that appreciate it. Many people look at leather that’s changed with time as flawed or imperfect but leather lovers believe the opposite. They know how tough top-grain leather is when it’s put to the test.


A well-made leather bag is a belonging you won’t want to throw away. They develop a richness with age, they mature and they carry the marks, scents and memories of our most profound experiences. There may be no product more worthy of being handed down to a child or grandchild than a well loved leather journal.


Flawless leather products don’t even exist in huge assembly line shops. Hides contain imperfections that give leather goods more character and uniqueness. As colorful and intriguing as its owner, leather isn’t meant to be perfect so appreciate its flaws. Let it breathe. Let it change. Love it all the more.


Genuine leather bags quickly become an essential travel companion and you quickly come to rely on them – both at home and neck-deep in an incredible new chapter abroad. Just as leather physically changes over time, so deepens the meaning of the product in your life.


What are the features of best handmade leather bags?

The handmade leather bags are known for durability and toughness. Owning a premium handmade leather bag is a sign of sophistication.

Voyageur Duffle Bag

While purchasing a handmade leather bag consider following points-

1- Quality is most important

Since the bag is going to be with you for a long time, all the other conditions must be kept after the quality. When you search online, you can find low- priced handmade leather bags but be alert because the labor cost to make handmade leather bag is very expensive so the price of handmade leather gag is always higher than normal leather bag.

fine lines leather

2- Material

The right leather always get better with age. Full grain leather is the best choice for leather bags.

3- Well made accessories

The first thing to consider is that the straps and handles must be strong.

The second is to check the quality of hardware. The hardware should be strong and beautiful.

Fine Lines Hardware                                        

4- Internal Structure

Usually the internal structure of leather bags is not very complex. You have to choose the style of bag as per your need. If you are a student, you can choose backpack, for office you ca go for messenger bag and if you are planning to use it on a trip, you can choose duffle bag.

5- The Price

Well-made handmade leather bags are usually more expensive than ordinary leather bags so don’t trust some handbags that are very cheap. Since your leather bag will accompany you almost everywhere you go, don’t be stingy and choose a durable one.

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